Mr. & Mrs. Garrett Soucy

Procession of the Ram is the most recent project, , done with Bernie Nye and Roy Davis of The Coloradas. Dan Macleod and Mark Kerns also appear on the record. This album is the second alubm by Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Soucy. The first was self-titled and was recorded at Halo by Karl Andersen and Darren Elder of The Wrecking. It is from this platform that Garrett and Siiri presently record and play gigs.

Tree by Leaf

Garrett began writing songs in college. His first shows were he and Siiri performing as a duo. By the time Evening Treatise was released, the band name had been chosen, and Cliff and Kelly Young had become mainstay members. Over the years various players would share the stage, but for the last few years of the band's existence, Garrett and Siiri Soucy, Cliff Young, Eric Sanders and Christian Carlson were the regulars.

Sunlight in Architecture

This was a side project that Garrett worked on with Andrew Radford (aka Anny Luckless). Garrett went into the studio and recorded the bed tracks, and over the course of a couple years, Andrew produced the self-titled album that was included on Paste Magazine's sampler. You can check out Andrew's music at

Morning Cloud

Siiri, her sister Jenna, and Garrett made one album as a trio and played a small handful of shows around the country.

Dear Theophilus

This was a project that friends of Tree by Leaf helped to create. The original inspiration was to make an album for a friend in the Middle East and some of his peers in the military. The album came out around Christmas time and so we sent copies to the Maine State Prison and put it online for free. It is an album of hymns, and it represents a transitional period in Garrett's walk away from agnosticism and toward belief in Jesus as the Creator/Savior.

Solos and Sides

Over the years Garrett has been a part of a few side-projects which were never recorded, like Calvin and the Freewill Agents. He has made two solo albums, Out a Room through the Window and Hymns from the Postmodern Bankruptcy.